Terms & Conditions

All camping and floating reservations require a seven day notice for cancellation to receive a refund on any deposits made.  If Riverfront does not float due to water conditions, guests are either able to reschedule their float trip within the same float season or can get a 50% refund on any deposit made.  If Riverfront floats, even if the weather isn’t perfect, guests are expected to keep their reservations.  We reserve the right to upgrade any individual or group from canoes or kayaks to rafts depending on water levels.  No deposits will be refunded due to imperfect weather. 


Cabin cancellations or reschedules require a full 30 day notice.  If cancellation is received 30 days prior to scheduled arrival, a full refund will be granted.  If less than 30 days a prorated refund will be offered.  If any guest cancels their reservations within 7 days of their scheduled arrival, none of the deposit will be refunded.  There is no rescheduling during peak season.  No late cancellations will be refunded due to water conditions or imperfect weather. 

Thank you for choosing Riverfront!
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